Presentation Skills Training

With the Equal Opportunities Commission’s Youth Ambassadors


We also received great feedback from the students who attended the workshop!

  • “Today’s meeting was impressive and practical. I’ve been wanting to improve my speech for a while now and this presentation has thought me important things - handling nerves, proper posing, and engaging audience. I’d love to have EOC hold more workshops similar to this.”

  • “Today’s training was great. I learnt a lot such as how to be relaxed, confident and professional when giving presentation. It was fun. Mônica was so friendly and also engaged with the class. I like her so much. In today’s class I learnt so many skills!”

  • “This workshop is easily one of my favourite so far. The presenter was really knowledgeable about public speaking and gave us tips relevant to our background.”


We really enjoyed this opportunity to partner with the EOC and work with such enthusiastic individuals!

Monica Zionede Hall