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Mônica Zionede Hall 

Founder and Managing Director of FELIZ Consulting
Co-Founder of Legal Beagle Online Legal Training

Originally from Brazil, Mônica carries with her a unique passion for people. She is a dynamic, engaging and committed consultant. Aside from her native Brazil, she has lived in New York, Hong Kong and Singapore and has called Hong Kong home (again) since 2013. Mônica believes that coaching, training, learning and development is not only about the workplace, but also how we carry the skills and learning forward in our day-to-day lives.

She is passionate about her work, helping develop people and improve performance. She has nearly 15 years experience in the learning and development space, assisting a variety of clients particularly in the financial and legal industries. She has a rare mix of expertise, being an enthusiastic facilitator in presentation skills, communication, personal branding, executive presence, emotional intelligence, diversity and inclusion, compliance measures and strategic management.

Our associate consultants



Associate Facilitator, Coach and Corporate Trainer

Born in Shanghai, raised in Hong Kong, educated in the United States and Japan, Yvonne is an award-winning executive coach, change facilitator and change agent developer. With more than 18 years of experience, Yvonne is passionate about supporting leaders and managers through change.Yvonne joined FELIZ Consulting as an associate trainer and coach in 2018, and there have only been praises!

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Associate Consultant, Coach and Corporate Trainer

Irene has over twenty years experience in the learning and development space. A native of Hong Kong from Thai-Chinese heritage, she has spent her formative years in Canada and returned to Hong Kong in 1990 to begin her career in sales and marketing with Chanel, then with Clinique China.  Irene was also trained as an image consultant by John Robert Powers in Boston and in the Philippines.

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Associate Consultant and Corporate Trainer

Dr. Robyn Mobbs is a consultant at FELIZ Consulting and a Senior Instructor at the University of Colorado, Denver, where she has been part of the faculty since 2003.  Originally from the United States, Robyn has lived and worked in Australia and Canada, and now happily calls Hong Kong home.  

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